Take back your online life

Metamorphic is my hope for a better future, a more human future.

A future where you are not raw material in a soul-plundering, mind-shredding, behavior-controlling economic pipeline. In this future you are free to think, feel, believe, and behave as yourself. You can share with your loved ones and not watch your credit score, insurace premium, job opportunties, prison sentences, mortage qualifications, and airline prices be negatively affected.

It is a future with a shared reality, with empathy and compassion, with critical thinking. It is a future for everyone, for you and me. It is a future necessary for healthy and prosperous societies, a future necessary for life on Earth.

Metamorphic is my small step forward this future.

Powered by cutting-edge technology and focused on strong privacy, security, and addiction-free design, it gives knowledge and control back to you. Metamorphic is designed to empower you, to free you.

Being public benefit

I began my journey to building a better kind of company with the idea of mutual prosperity. If the company succeeds, then the community succeeds.

It's not a novel idea, but it certainly isn't practiced enough. To start off, I've partnered with multiple renowned non-profit organizations (including The Land Institute, Wild Salmon Center, Pacific Forest Trust, and SAVE) to share a percentage of Metamorphic's revenue with them and support their work.

Then, I took the pledge with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and have made it an annual mission to fully offset all carbon emissions (earning Silver and Bronze most recently).

There is much more work ahead to do in the future, but it's a start. And we need to get starting.

Thank you

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