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Aquarius S2E10


· 20:57

We're back with our latest episode! Mark dusts off the podcast voice and talks Metamorphic updates (a new AI feature 🦾). We've also got an incredible Valentine's Day Special πŸ’Œ and subscription tiers for everyone β€” even free!

Metamorphic - Transform your online life
Open source repo - Metamorphic (v1, not in production, but great resource for anyone looking to make a privacy focused social network with Elixir)
Sponsor us today and support privacy by default for everyone!
The incredible Yue Li (who designed our amazing logo 😍)

Valentine's Special πŸ’Œ
Sign up today for a paid subscription before 2/14/2024 to receive 25% off your subscription for the lifetime of your account. πŸ₯³

Trauma Resources
Your Body Keeps the Score - NYT Bestselling Book
The Myth of Normal - Gabor MatΓ©

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